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Stewiacke River Crossing is located directly off of Highway 102, where businesses have the ability to capitalize on the close proximity to Burnside Industrial Park (a 30 minute drive) and Truro (a 15-minute drive) while maintaining a high profile with the 30,000+ cars which travel the highway corridor between Halifax and Truro daily. This development is strategically located 20 minutes from the airport.

The Town of Stewiacke is a service and support center for local agricultural communities as well as a service exit on Highway 102 at exit 11, which brings a steady stream of visitors into the area daily. With the development taking place, this becomes a great opportunity for your business to grow and develop.

Currently phase two of the Stewiacke River Crossing Project is under careful planning, and will undergo construction shortly. When development two finished plots C-11  to C-26 will be open, providing more spacious, and better locations for retail, and commercial use spacing.

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Lot C-1 Lot C-2 Lot C-3 Lot C-4 Lot C-5 Lot C-6 Lot C-7 Lot C-8 Lot C-9 Lot C-10 Lot C-11 Lot C-12 Lot C-13 Lot C-14 Lot C-15 Lot C-16 Lot C-17 Lot C-18 Lot C-19 Lot C-20 Lot C-21 Lot C-22 Lot C-23 Lot C-24 Lot C-25 Lot C-26 M-1 M-2 M-3 M-4 M-5 See Our Lots & Homes

Lot C-1

Area = 4,600 m2

Lot C-2

Area = 9,300 m2

Lot C-3

Area = 2,400 m2

Lot C-4

Area = 2,600 m2

Lot C-5

Area = 2,600 m2

Lot C-6

Area = 5,000 m2

Lot C-7

Area = 5,200 m2

Lot C-8

Area = 28,300 m2

Lot C-9

Area = 12,400 m2

Lot C-10

Area = 5,300 m2

Lot C-11

Area = 14,100 m2

Lot C-12

Area = 5,300 m2

Lot C-13

Area = 14,100 m2

Lot C-14

Area = 3,900 m2

Lot C-15

Area = 10,100 m2

Lot C-16

Area = 6,500 m2

Lot C-17

Area = 12,000 m2

Lot C-18

Area = 11,500 m2

Lot C-19

Area = 9,300 m2

Lot C-20

Area = 9,000 m2

Lot C-21

Area = 9,800 m2

Lot C-22

Area = 7,700 m2

Lot C-23

Area = 10,300 m2

Lot C-24

Area = 12,700 m2

Lot C-25

Area = 15,900 m2

Lot C-26

Area = 19,200 m2


Multi-Unit Building

Area = 6,800 m2
Footprint = 450 m2
Units = 24


Multi-Unit Building

Area = 5,000 m2
Footprint = 1,200 m2
Units = 36


Multi-Unit Building

Area = 4,400 m2
Footprint = 1,200 m2
Units = 36


Multi-Unit Building

Area = 7,800 m2
Footprint = 1,200 m2
Units = 36


Multi-Unit Building

Area = 5,000 m2
Footprint = 1,200 m2
Units = 36

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